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Whole building efficiency updates in Norman

In the world of business, efficiency is key because, as we all know “time is money”. However, it is necessary to focus not only on employee and service efficiency but also the efficiency of the equipment you use and the energy it consumes.

JH Electric LLC is not only a professional electrical contractor with decades of combined experience but we also specialize in making the business and industries of Norman more efficient and green. We are very proud to over this service as it not only helps our customers but the community as well by reducing energy waste.

We are also proud supporter of our troops as we are a veteran owned family business.
But enough about us, let us talk about what we can do for you.

Energy efficiency in Norman save your money and the environment

Lighting – lighting is one of the primary ways that a company consumes power. It is not uncommon for the lighting in a building to brighter than is necessary to see perfectly clearly due to disorganized interior design choices. Beyond this we are seasoned experts in retrofitting the lighting with extraordinarily efficient LED lighting.

Panel upgrades – current electrical panels are much better at sending only the required amount of energy to where it is needed, undercutting the systems wastefulness.

HVAC units – making sure your employees and clients are comfortable is very important but making sure that you are not paying an arm and a leg to do so is also. We can test your system and tell you exactly how much you would save with an upgraded model.

Rebates – if your overall efficiency significantly increases, then you may be entitled to rebates. We can take care of the filing and other aspects so you will get the most out of going green!

And more – for more information on the services we offer the businesses of Norman please feel free to call us at (405) 550-2191.

Don’t know where to start? No Problem!

JH Electric LLC will work with you through every step of the process. After an initial inspection, we offer a thorough consultation on all the options available to your business in line with your proposed budget. With the money you will save with the upgrades, you will be able to do more than realize! Contact us today to save the money you will spend in the future!